About Ashfall

Fossil Discovery Timeline

Initial 1991-2000 discoveries

1991 Rhinoceros, Teleoceras major First skeletons uncovered in Rhino Barn
1992 Rhinoceros, Teleoceras major Cow with calf positioned nose to nose

Horse, Cormohipparion occidentale Remarkably complete skeleton

Camel, Procamelus grandis Partial skeleton, discovered by Jennifer Tschirren
1993 Sabre-toothed deer, Longirostromeryx Partial skeleton
1994 Horse, Neohipparion Mare and foal
1995 Rhinoceros, Teleoceras major Volunteer Norma Brockmoller discovers cow rhino skeleton that is dubbed "Brockie"

Raccoon-dog, Cynarctus Jaw
1996 Horse, Pseudhipparion Student Andria Skaff discovers fairly complete skeleton
1998 Sabre-toothed deer, Longirostromeryx Students Amy Allison and Melissa Mestl discover skeleton and meticulously reveal evidence of soft tissue preservation (muscle in neck and leg, visceral content).
1999 Raccoon-dog, Cynarctus Student Neil Gipson finds single tooth

Horned rodent, Mylagaulus Sam Matson discovers fossil burrow in volcanic ash bed that is the right size for the horned rodent Mylagaulus. Sam also finds a milk tooth in the burrow fill
2000 Sabre-toothed deer, Longirostromeryx Partial skeleton